some doodles

This began as my EAST VS WEST COASTers, but I loved the illustrations so much I turned them into a .gif. I did laser cut these into coasters but an architect reserved time on the machine so the backs (shown above) aren't embossed yet :/ They came out looking like goths, but I kinda dig it (goals in life: to own a laser cutter). 


heatapalooza poster

For the annual family festival at the Miami HEAT we decided to silk screen posters live at the event. We had a few different options and my poster was supposed to cater to the ladies and more tropical vibe of Miami. Hand drawing all the flowers I then digitalized them and collaged them around a guitar (the theme this year was a music festival). 


random freelance 


Some free-lance I did for a local lulu lemon store. 1 flyer ≠ one overpriced pair of leggings